Our Community

Often known for its summer BBQs and live Christmas Nativity, Conshohocken United Methodist Church has long enjoyed its central location in the heart of downtown Conshohocken.

Conshohocken represents one of America’s most successful transformations, from a mill town to a modern center of commercial services and residential living. While CUMC remains one of more historic structures on Fayette Street, modern improvements are continuously made to our facility.

We take an active role in our community - whether that's helping those in need or simply participating in the all the yearly events Conshohocken has to offer. We love our town!

Conshohocken United Methodist Church is open to all Christians, not just Methodists. Whether you're new to town, a young family looking for a family-friendly church, or simply looking for a change of pace, come see us this Sunday! Our Contemporary Worship Service begins every Sunday at 10am.

Want to learn more? Here are some stories from our own community….

"We joined CUMC when we moved to Conshohocken in 2007.  We enjoyed the laid back, spirit-filled worship style and felt right at home with the congregation. The atmosphere was like one big family – a feeling larger churches seem to always lack. Since joining, our own family has grown and our kids love the Sunday morning nursery now. It’s been exciting to see the amount of quick growth within the congregation and we hope God continues to work through CUMC to bless others."

- Steve, Sarah, Matthew, Stavi and baby

"We grew up in two different churches – Catholic and Lutheran. While it was important to us to be married in a Christian church, going there every Sunday thereafter never became part of our weekend routine. Discovering CUMC changed everything. We wanted to find a church that was great for young families and got so much more – a pastor our age we could actually relate to, a congregation full of future friends who made us feel right at home, and lastly, a church that changed our opinion about church. You smile. You laugh. You sing modern songs. You connect with bible readings. But most important, you leave feeling great and wanting to come back for more."

-    AJ, Karen, Maya, and Sofia

"For our family it was important to find a church that would become our community. Of course, it is a place of spiritual growth, scripture, music and faith, but more so it is a neighborhood of people we have come to depend upon. We quickly got to know many people; who have become our friends. Our kids feel happy and loved - they are excited to attend. It has become a home for us."

- Justin, Coleen, Lili, and Anika