Bible Study

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study is now in session! Our Adult Bible Study Group meets every Sunday from 9am to 9:45am Classroom 1 downstairs .

Coffee and light snacks are available. Come join us this Sunday!

Reading the Bible end-to-end, let alone coming back to it on a frequent basis, is not an activity most Christians will voluntarily do. Let's face it, it can be intimidating and easy to misinterpret!

It speaks of the events and miracles from long long ago that most Christians struggled to take at face value. Amidst the tales of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Moses and the Red Sea, and a man named Jesus, who dies so that the sins of mankind can be forgiven, there are hundreds of simple life lessons to be extracted. Lessons that are easy to relate to and apply to everyday life - even thousands of years later.

This is the goal of CUMC's Bible Study. To enhance attendees understanding of the bible and its lessons, but in a way that removes all the fear and confusion. Whether you know little or much about the bible, we invite you to join!