Praise Band

Visitors often cite our church’s music as what keeps them coming back Sunday after Sunday - and we’re cool with that.

Originally formed in 2007, the band Bent Knee, otherwise known as our in-house Praise Band, delivers an upbeat selection of Contemporary Christian Music that would best be described as rock/pop with spiritual lyrics. The band practices every Sunday at 8:30am and rehearses one Saturday a month to learn new songs to introduce to the congregation.

Want to learn more about Bent Knee and their favorite songs to play? Check out the bios below to learn more about each band member and their musical influences.

You can also watch past performances on YouTube! Click here to see our Praise Band videos.


Lead Female Vocals
Sarah Tierney

"One of my fondest memories of childhood was listening to our mother play the piano before bedtime. After a long day of work, cooking dinner, and straightening up our home, she would unwind by practicing the music for the upcoming Sunday Worship Service. I remember her harmonizing to all the old hymns, while my Dad just walked around singing the same two Christmas carols all year round! Whether they realized it or not, they were always filling our home with music. I will forever be thankful to so many people for being influential in helping me discover my own voice too."

Suggested songs:
“Beautiful Things” by Michael Gungor
“Steady My Heart” by Kari Jobe


Guitar / Bass / Mandolin / Banjo
Tom Reck

"While I’d have to credit St. Timothy’s in Philadelphia for first getting me involved in music as a choir singer, it was The Beatles that influenced me to pick up the bass. I’ve been playing for over 36 years and it’s still difficult to pick a favorite song. They’re all special when everything is working."


Guitar / Bass
Dave Barr

"While I've always had an appreciation for music, I picked up my first guitar in 2011, in hopes of inspiring my own kids to pick up an instrument. Now I'm hooked! Growing up in the 70s, it was impossible to not be influenced by bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin, and The Who. But today, some of my biggest musical influences are the guys I play side-by-side with every Sunday."

Suggested songs:
“Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin
“Lord, I Need You” by Matt Maher


Drums / Percussion
Drew Montemayor

"Growing up, art and music were always two constants in my life. There was always music playing at our house and so picking up a guitar, or bass, or a pair of sticks for the first time felt as natural as picking up a pencil or a paintbrush. It was a way to express myself, but also a new way for my brother and I to connect - though playing music. I'll be the first to admit, I never imagined playing drums for a greater good. But in 2007, I felt a calling to get more involved at CUMC and to see my brother utilize his talents as well. The rest is history! As far as musical influences, mine are always changing, but I've definitely been inspired by The Black Keys."

Suggested songs:
“Hosanna” by Hillsong
“How He Loves Us” by Kim Walker


Keyboard / Piano / Vocals
Mark Atkinson

"I started playing piano at the age of 7 and very quickly recognized how much music could induce different feelings and emotions inside my body, heart, and mind. I wanted to be able to share that gift with others. I joined the CUMC church choir at the age of 14 and in high school was active in everything from Jazz Band, to Marching Band, to theater. I continued to study music at Temple University, under devout Christian and concert pianist Maria del Pico Taylor, and haven’t stopped playing or singing since."

Suggested songs:
"By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North
"Revelation Song" by Kari Jobe


Janice Reck

"While my first passion was always for dance, it was my father and grandmother's love of singing that influenced me to pursue roles in musicals, as well as to take voice lessons in my 20s. But it wasn't until later in life that I learned to really appreciate singing as a means to heal the soul. Today, I cherish every chance I have to sing with this amazing and talented group of musicians. As far as influences, Gino Vannelli is by far one of my favorite artists. He's one of the best singer/songwriters of his time and has a keen ability to tug at your inner emotions with his melodies."

Suggested songs:
“I Love you Lord” by Marantha
“Jesus Messiah” by Chris Tomlin


Technical Booth Team
Every great band has a team behind the scenes and the CUMC Praise Band is no different. Whether its managing how our worship service sounds on-site or online, here's the team that makes it happen every Sunday:

  • Greg Kriebel
  • Randi Pizzico
  • Judy Rhoads
  • Pat Patterson
  • Bob Maizarz
  • Jan Maizarz
  • Karl Holl
  • Catherine Saylor 
  • Carolyn Yakonick
  • Chris Tague
  • Lindsay Montemayor